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The work that APTUK undertakes is multi-faceted, but to aid work stream planning, areas which are considered as serving a common purpose have been grouped together. Day to day detailed work is undertaken within sub –groups which then report into the Board of National Officers. Decision making is split, with operational decisions being made by the sub groups and more strategic decisions being made by the Board of National Officers.

Responsibilities of the Sub Groups

Each sub group is responsible for any work that it identifies as being relevant to that group and for any specific items delegated by the Board of National officers. Sub groups remain accountable to the Board of National Officers and, since all members are National Officers, the same standards of behaviour and practice apply.

The management of sub group business is the responsibility of the designated Chair for the Group. This includes the preparation for meetings and monitoring the implementation of decisions. The implementation of sub-group decisions is normally the responsibility of the group themselves except where a wider input is required to be successful. Sub groups should expect to report at each National Officer Board Meeting

The Workstreams



Vice President - Job share by all directors


Policy and Standards

Director of Policy and Standards


Professional Development

Director of Professional Development
Revalidation Officer
Pharmacy Techncians, Pre-Registration Officer
Pharmacy Technicians, Foundation Practice Officer
Pharmacy Technicians, Advanced Practice Officer
Branch Liason Officer



Director of Communication
Website Officer
Events Officer
Media Officer
Engagement Officer



Director of Finance
Business Development Officer
Finance Officer
Membership Co-Ordinator


Human Resources

Director of Human Resources
HR Policies and Procedures Officer
Recruitment and Retention Officer