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Professional Standards for Hospital Pharmacy Services

Published: 1st August 2017



These standards were first published in 2012 and support the development of safe, quality services that put patients and their needs first.


The professional standards were refreshed in 2014 (primarily in light of the findings from the Francis Review of events at Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust and the response to that review) and were due for a full review in 2017. The 2017 update is currently underway.   


The professional standards describe quality pharmacy services and provide a broad framework to support pharmacy teams to develop their professional practice, continually improve services, shape future services and roles, and deliver high quality patient care across all settings.


The professional standards help to support a culture of openness, transparency and candour that puts patients first through encouraging professionalism. Ultimately, they will help patients experience a consistent quality of service within and across healthcare providers that will protect them from incidents of avoidable harm and help them to get the best outcomes from their medicines


The standards cover pharmacy services, whether provided internally or outsourced, and are broadly applicable across the full range of service providers. They are applicable in and across acute, mental health, private, community service, health and justice, hospice and ambulance settings. As new models of care develop and pharmacy services evolve the professional standards will continue to apply


The RPS anticipate the updated standards being published by the end of 2017. The update is being supported by a multidisciplinary project steering group that includes patients,  APTUK representatives and a larger external reference group.



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You can respond to this consultation individually, through your organisation or by contributing to the response APTUK will be submitting.  If you wish to contribute to the APTUK response please send a completed copy of the response form to by the 31st August 2017


The RPS Consultation closes 11 September 2017.