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8 Pharmacy Management Tips

Published: 15th November 2015

As the health care landscape continues to change, pharmacy technicians have been increasingly holding leadership roles on their pharmacy teams.

Yet the task of managing a pharmacy can prove daunting to even the most experienced tech, as many technician training programs don’t necessarily prepare their students for pharmacy management.

In a session at the 2015 American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, Linsay Davis, PharmD, CGP, and Melissa Mattice, RPh, discussed leadership in pharmacy.

Although their targeted audience was consultant pharmacists, they provided the following tips for all pharmacy workers—including technicians—who are looking for ways to better manage their team.

The full article from The Pharmacy Times, can be found here

Quick Guides to get ready for Winter

Published: 14th November 2015

NHS England has published two Quick Guides to support providers and commissioners. These are:Extending the role of community pharmacy in urgent care and Best use of unscheduled dental care services.

Want to find out how pharmacists, dentists and commissioners can quickly and easily support urgent care systems in the run up to winter, and beyond? Want to stop dental pain being the second highest reason for calling NHS 111? Want to make sure that people can be accurately signposted to pharmacy and dental services? Want some ideas for creating capacity and making your system more resilient? Want to use other people’s ideas and resources?