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CPD Opportunities

8 Pharmacy Management Tips for Technician Leaders

Published: 5th March 2016

Understand the Difference Between Management and Leadership
Dr. Davis and Mattice examined the difference between leadership and management—2 distinct yet equally important responsibilities for those taking on a prominent role in their pharmacy.

The main distinction is the primarily focus: managers work towards completing tasks, but leaders are driven to organize and motivate people.

Apps for pharmacy (5th edition)

Published: 15th January 2016

Mobile phone and tablet computer apps are software applications, usually designed to run on smartphones and tablet computers. We have put together a list of apps that we think will be useful for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in their practice. Some of them are sources of information, some can be used during consultations with patients and some are for signposting to support healthy lifestyles and self-care.

NICE Online Learning Resources

Published: 13th January 2016

NICE has developed a range of online learning resources in collaboration with partners and has identified a range of additional tools to support implementation of NICE guidance.

CPPE Mental Health Online e-Course

Published: 13th January 2016

Mental health is a live eight-week online e-course starting Monday 25 January 2016. It is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to support people with mental illness that you encounter in your practice. At the end of the course you will feel more confident in providing advice to people with mental illness and will be ready to deliver a high-quality service.

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