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GPhC comments on requirement for self-reporting

Published: 7th October 2014

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Responding to concerns raised about provisions within the Community Pharmacy Funding Settlement for 2014/15 for enhanced reporting requirements of safety incidents, Duncan Rudkin, Chief Executive of the GPhC, said:

“It is clear that there has been significant under-reporting of errors and safety incidents. The GPhC has consistently made clear its position which is that it does not consider single dispensing errors, where no aggravating factors exist, to be a fitness to practise matter. Likewise, our prosecution policy is very clear – prosecution of any kind is a last resort as far as the GPhC is concerned.

“Like all health and care professionals, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have a duty to be open and honest and this expectation to be candid is already expressed in our standards of conduct, ethics and performance which all registrants must meet as well as in our standards for registered pharmacies which must be met by owners and superintendents.

“I want to reassure registrants that the aim of the GPhC’s Fitness to Practise process is not to be punitive, but to safeguard patients and to uphold the highest professional standards.”